What Is The Difference Between A Hotel Franchise And A Management Agreement

These optional services are sold for a fee to the franchisee or owner under management. The role of the franchisor/manager is to recommend these optional services if necessary in response to a hotel problem. It is always the decision of the franchisee/managed owner to agree on optional services. In cases of franchise or management, the parties may agree to an additional service. Most hotel groups offer a number of optional services tailored to specific needs throughout the hotel`s lifecycle. Often, the extent of the negotiations on the management agreement and the resulting changes in the agreement are based on the complexity of the property itself. Does the hotel have a conference centre, several restaurants and bars, a rooftop entertainment venue or other leisure facilities? The availability of such equipment can lead to a more precise definition of gross revenues, expenses, management powers, staff recruitment, reserves and the commitment of third-party operators. The administrative agreement focuses on the extent to which the hotel owner retains control of the operation and tax management of the hotel property. In addition, the management agreement often requires the negotiation and implementation of several related agreements, such as. B of the licensing agreement (which gives the hotel owner the actual rights to use the mark) and a consulting and technical services agreement. Hilton`s goals now between the franchise and the management contract are consultations, but the private sector, see the control.

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