Translation Agreement Between

The treaty must respect the translator`s right of integrity, so that no changes can be made without the consent and consent of the translator. The translator has the right to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of his work that would have a negative effect on the work or professional reputation of the translator. The translator`s right to integrity should be invoked by a clause stating, for example, that “the publisher cannot modify the translation without the translator`s consent.” The contract must therefore provide for a processing and correction procedure that respects the translators` right to information and verification of any changes to the translation. As the author of the translation, it is right that the translator should benefit as well as the success of the book. Royalties must be paid from the beginning or after the initial tax if it is considered an advance, has been earned (or after the sale of a certain number of copies of the translation). However, if the contract provides for a basic royalty-free fee, additional fees must be paid if the sale reaches an agreed level. When translating agreements, it is necessary to ensure the spelling of names, forms of organization, addresses of parties and numbers. Transliteration is done according to formal standards, either in agreement with the client or according to the registration documents. Often it is necessary to put the original name in brackets after translation, it is necessary to coordinate that with the client. Full compliance with proper names is also required. When translating the numbers, it is necessary to specify standards for spelling fractions, thousands and other symbols.

You can also think of other rights, for example. B what happens if you decide to produce an audiobook of your foreign language edition, or if it needs to be adapted to a movie (you never know). In this case, how would the translator be associated with compensation? If you enter into a z.B licensing agreement with a narrator on ACX, the benefits of selling audiobooks can be shared between the author and the translator and the narrator – if you have a split-deal license for your translation. Set a time limit for delivery of the translation and specify the format in which you want it – it`s usually a Word document, but some translators may offer packages containing formats (because there are specific requirements for German-language printing formatting).