Sjghc Hsu Agreement

12 20. OVERTIME (1) the working time provided beyond the normal hours of a full-time tutor, i.e. 76 hours per fourteen days if the tutor does not receive leave taken, or 80 hours per fourteen days, if the tutor receives a period of absence; 10 days in a two-week cycle (or 20 days on a four-week cycle, if there is an agreement between the guardian and the employer); or 10 hours in each position (unless an ordinary 12-hour shift is provided in agreement between the tutor and the employer) are considered overtime and are paid in half for the first two hours and double after. (2) All overtime on a Sunday or public holiday is paid double. 3. A tutor may be required to work appropriate overtime. Part-time staff and additional positions (4) A part-time assistant may arrange 11 positions in two weeks, in which case the trap (1) does not apply. Provided a tutor cannot be informed to work more than 10 positions in two weeks without overtime penalties. Other overtime, shift work hours and/or weekends remain in effect and are paid accordingly.

Overtime is not worked regularly and is not part of the tutor`s minimum working hours. The worker`s rights arise from overtime, including additional employer contributions. Instead of Subiaco (without Any Sciaco Pharmacist) and Murdoch (5), the first four overtime hours of each service table are taken into account for fourteen days, until a balance of 8 rest stones is provided instead of 8 hours of free time. (d) (f) All overtime that exceeds eight hours of the balance is paid for each 14-day period, unless the tutor first chooses in writing to continue to receive additional leave. Instead of lengthening time, there is a pause. A period of leave can be taken at any time by mutual agreement between the employers and the guardian. The leave period must be taken on instructions from the employer. Any period of leave not taken instead of 12 months after the imputation or at the end, depending on what happens in the first place, is paid.

Instead of other hospitals (including subiaco pharmacists) (6), instead of paying overtime with the employer`s consent, a caregiver may receive a break instead of overtime payments compared to the payment to which he or she would normally be entitled. The pause you have taken in your place will be taken at a favourable time for both parties. Page 12 of 55 5 1. TITLE This agreement is considered St John of God Health Care HSU Health Professionals, Administrative, and Clerical. 2. Parties To this agreement, St John of God Health Care Inc. (the employer) is subject to compliance with sections 185 and 201 (2) of the Fair Work Act 2009, the Union of Health Services (the Union of Health Services). 3. AREA AND SCOPE This agreement applies to facilitators eligible for EU membership and employed by the employer in its hospitals in the State of Western Australia. 4.

TERM Subject to Fair Work Australia approval, this agreement applies from the first full payment period on February 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015 (1) This agreement is cancelled and replaced by the St John of God Health Care HSU Health Professional, Administrative, Clerical and Technical Enterprise Agreement 2012; St John of God Health Care Bunbury HSU Health Professionals, Administrative, Clerical and Technical Enterprise Agreement 2012; and the St John of God Subiaco Hospital HSU – Pharmacists Agreement (2) This agreement will terminate and replace the Mercy Hospital Mt Lawley Inc HSU Enterprise Agreement 2012 after its nominal expiry date; This is August 31 (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 4 – Duration, this agreement will continue to work until it is terminated, different or replaced in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labour Act (4).