Portfolio Protection Limited Guarantee Theft Agreement

If you recently purchased a car from a dealership with Portfolio`s protection plan, you need to understand that if the work you claim needs to be checked to verify the authorization that comes from the dealer who sold you the car. So, if the authorization is long, call the dealer who sold you the car and push it. Portfolio is the 3rd party, so they work with the dealer who sold you the car. Don`t wait 6 days for answers, like I did. If I had known, I probably could have kept an authorization within 24 hours and had the parts ordered and repaired at my dealership, and it probably would probably only have taken 2-3 days. My loss is your gain. But I have restored confidence in the portfolio of services that will offer me the future, but they have some after-sales service work to do on their side. I will continue to check this company if I need work and increase or decrease my valuation accordingly. VIN engraving is recommended by police, insurance and public authorities to prevent car/vehicle theft[3][4] This service is sometimes offered free of charge at sponsored events. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] Recently, bought a brand new ram 1500 truck in 2019. This “Express Five” wallet protection has been presented as an extended warranty for minor small repairs.

Especially the glass protection. I have owned this truck for exactly one year. Not long ago, I discovered that my windshield was torn. I thought this was the best opportunity to use my $799.00 – 5-year warranty that I paid for. Decided to call him and start the claims process. It was said on the phone that since my tear was more than 2 inches, they couldn`t do anything and that “window replacement” is not covered. So basically, I`m going to spend $1,039.50 on the window and $799.00 more, because I refuse to contact her for anything. Think about it, they pocketed my money and made interest on it and refused to help. If a company can`t replace a window, it would hate what it would do to people who have a serious problem. I feel like I`m being exploited.

For my misfortune, please don`t buy your blanket, frankly, it`s a scam! Just read more reviews and run! So my initial review blasting portfolio wasn`t quite deserved. But how long would they allow it before someone other than me looks for additional answers? So I raise my stars from 1 to 2 right now and I will refresh after the work done by and this claim is over. I just think it all took far too long not to get a response to their many emails to the songwriter at the dealership I bought the car from. If I didn`t ask questions and this great after-sales service employee didn`t make me feel like the songwriter was working for the salesperson, I`d still be without a vehicle. At least I can rent a car now that the authorization has been approved. Because my rent refund was only accepted after the application was approved. I will be back in a few days to update and maybe increase my star rating. VIN engraving is a counter-measure to motor vehicle theft, where a vehicle`s VIN is engraved on windows to reduce the value of a stolen vehicle to thieves….