Learning Agreement Teil 3 Hs Augsburg

15 Master master in management In October, 29 young employees started again in our master dreisemestrigen, which we carry out with the universities of Munich and Landshut. The 25 young women and four men are read by hand all managed to convince on a topical theme and personal representation in the context of a complex application procedure with an elaborate technical thesis document. Six modules are taught per semester for four days of classes. Guest Lectures of the Practice What was special during the semester? The students were able to participate in a conference of the former Thomas Sattelberger Telecommunications Steering Committee at HS Augsburg and then discuss with him in a small committee his theses and assessments on HR work and the rhhremaire future. Mr. Laurenz Andrzejewski was invited to the Personalmaster in Munich. Mr. Dr. Andrzejewski is known in particular for his book Culture of Separation and Collaboration and is considered in Germany as the founder of the subject and as a committed teacher. As part of the personnel management training, we did not look at labour law issues related to the management of transfers, weak interpreters, dismissals or cancellation contracts (there is a full-fledged course), but at personnel policy issues in such difficult situations. We thought about the issue of leadership, so to speak, from the end. On the one hand, in situations that are as difficult on a technical and human level, managers expect competent support from HR and an always difficult separation so that the person concerned does not need two years of therapy to regain self-confidence and be able to work again.

On the other hand, staff must ask themselves what values are important to them and what they represent by a participant, for example.B., that interns in a DAX company have received company vehicles, but at the same time as the task of sending dismissal letters and delivering them personally. Last but not least, the remaining employees in the company in the U.S. talk about survivors very closely about how colleagues are treated in difficult situations. If they feel that the separation of their colleagues has not been respectful and rewarding, it is not uncommon for them to draw the consequence themselves and resign on their own. Carrying out separations or transfers in an efficient and fair manner must be the objective if there is no alternative in the company`s strategy or individually in the further development of the employee. Dr. Andrzejewski therefore worked with the students to develop the management of separation as part of the company`s culture, what must be taken into account in the preparation, during the conversation itself and what should follow. Who should act to what extent? Who conducts the interview with the employee concerned, when, where, with what content? What is at stake in cancellation contracts? Specifically, the exact formulations of the first five sentences of the separation interview and the explanatory memorandum as well as the management of the most diverse reactions that the persons concerned manifest in such a stressful situation have been elaborated.

A serious subject for which the students of this unit received an important technical contribution. Excursion to KUKA Am, the students had the opportunity to accept an invitation to kuka in Augsburg with Mrs. Regnet. KUKA was currently highly publicized, since the Chinese investor Midea took the majority of the Augsburg robot manufacturer. As a specialist in robotics and automation technology, KUKA counts among the winter semesters 2016/25 events and congresses 13th Augsburg Staff Day under the banner of performance management In the future and crime Taxation and remuneration of staff services is changing. . . .