Knock For Knock Agreement Dalam Asuransi

KNOCK FOR KNOCK AGREEMENT (Saling Pikul Risk) is a business-to-business agreement with an agreement under which the insurers holding the agreement agree not to use each other`s claim rights. In Indonesia, this provision only applies if the vehicle that collided is covered in the same way by all risk conditions or all Risk Coverage plus TJH up to III Guaranteelimit Max TPL we 50 million and if the other airline advances the maximum claims of 50 million. The loss of other airlines amounted to 92,500,000 rp. 92,500,000 (net), rescue sales amounted to 48,000,000 rp. So the net value of natural losses amounted to 44,500,000. I would also like to ask whether it is in the mechanism established in the AAI that desire between insurances is allowed? Is there a basis for the AAI that solves the problem? So it`s said and thank you. As an owner and user of vehicles both cars and motorcycles, the safety and comfort of driving certainly comes first. And road conditions like today make car use as close to risks as accidents, car loss and much more. The type of car insurance coverage is divided into two parts: Total Loss Only (TLO) and Comprehensive. Both types of protection are usually offered in accordance with the Indonesian Vehicle Insurance Standard Insurance Policy (PSAKBI) at the beginning of the insurance policy establishment.

However, if your car insurance has an extension of the legal third-party liability guarantee (TJH III), compensation is not a cause for concern. Indeed, by increasing the TJH III guarantee, the insurance not only reimburses your losses, but also bears the losses suffered by other parties, in this case the insured. As with standard insurance, despite the extension of the vehicle with TJH III, some things remain an exception. In other words, the insurance does not bear losses if the insured vehicle is used under certain conditions, as indicated in Article 3 of the PSAKBI under the exception. The things that can be invoked by TJH III are not limited to damage to vehicles, but include property damage, medical expenses, assaults to death. However, the replacement must not exceed the TJH III limit agreed by the insured. On the basis of PSAKBI, the procedure for recourse to TJH III rights is governed by Article 11 concerning the obligations of the insured in case of loss and / or damage, paragraph 2. TJH III is invalid or unusable if the insured crashes into a car that is also insured.

In this case, it is called Knock for Knock Agreement, which is an agreement between insurance companies in case of accident/collision with two insured vehicles, the owner of the vehicle must assert a right with his respective insurance provider. . . .