Extra feestelijke Kiertan op 4 mei met Yopi

Kirtan & Chanting Circle with Yopi in Lennik
Rosweg 54
1750 Lennik
Vrije bijdrage

We are singing together kirtan and songs of devotion from several
spiritual traditions:
Sanskrit Bhajans and heartsongs in English and other languages. The singing of these sacred hymns has a very positive and healing effect on both body and mind. The songs are easy to sing along and there will be song sheets for everybody.

About Yopi:

Yopi has been following the devotional path of Bhakti Yoga with his
music for several years. He has been leading kirtan & chant circles all around Germany and Europe. Together with his best friend and long time musical companion violin player Lotta Corradini and fellow musicians he has just released his 3rd album with sacred world music, named „Namasté Pachamama“.A bridge-building fusion between the spiritual traditions of Europe,
South America and India. Yopis songs invoke the sentiment of devotion and  dedication to a higher consciousness, of Love and Oneness.Based in Cologne, Germany, Yopi has been touring last year with concerts on festivals and retreats from Finnland to the Alps. Wherever he plays he helps people to open their hearts and makes them sing along.
Info& Music: