Kansas Severance Agreement

If you do not fully understand the terms of your severance agreement, the release of rights, a violation of competition or any other provision that you have a legal right, we can help you. Contact Swartz Law at (816) 444-8900 or email the button below to agree to a consultation with a Kansas City departure agreement lawyer. Companies have teams of experienced negotiators on their side. Always remember, companies are in business to make money. Your only objective in negotiating your severance package is therefore to give up as little as possible. In many cases, the company is really just trying to redeem itself from potential disputes and they want to pay as little as possible. An experienced lawyer can help by explaining the risks of litigation to the company and encouraging them to reassess the costs of not reaching an agreement with you. At Hollingshead and Dudley, our lawyers have negotiated hundreds of work cases. Therefore, our lawyers are perfectly capable of explaining the risks of litigation on the other side. While there are never any guarantees in our company, it can be extremely valuable to have an experienced lawyer by your side to maximize your severance pay. As a general rule, your employer will ask you to waive any claims you have in relation to your employment or dismissal and may ask you not to compete or ask their customers under the agreements in the future.

There are countless reasons why a company can stop hiring an employee. Sometimes the company shrinks and has to make difficult decisions. In these cases, companies often offer severance agreements to ensure that the employee separates on good terms. In other cases, the company appoints an employee for alleged violation of a business rule or other misconduct. In these cases, some companies offer a set of severance pay to avoid the risk of litigation. Regardless of why a company offers a compensation package, conditions are often negotiable. If you receive an offer for severance pay, be careful. That would most likely mean that you have an extremely enforceable right. Don`t rush into the signature. Be sure to contact a lawyer first. If you are interested in a consultation on a proposed unlocking and unlocking agreement, call us today or contact our company for a free consultation. Executives or other laid-off workers may receive an offer of dismissal from their employer.

Severance packages may include cash payments paid in lump sums or regularly for months or years, vacation or sick pay, stock options, health insurance or other insurance, as well as job search assistance. Swartz Law has reviewed and negotiated countless severance agreements.