Free Sample International Distribution Agreement

The parties agree that the distributor I. ASSOCIATION is an exclusive distributor of Hersteller_______________________ in the countries of __ OBLIGATIONS 1. The distributor undertakes to actively and conscientiously promote the sale of the products in the territory during the lifetime. The manufacturer refers to requests from distributors for products in the region. 2. The Distributor undertakes to promote the names of the manufacturer and the products in the Territory during the term of this Agreement. The distributor undertakes to inform the manufacturer of any information of interest granted for the products. III. MANUFACTURER`S SUPPORT The manufacturer undertakes to make available to the distributor appropriate quantities of catalogues, manuals, advertising literature and other sales aids supplied by the manufacturer. These sales aids are available in English. The manufacturer also undertakes to provide the distributor with appropriate home office support and technical assistance under conditions to be agreed from time to time. IV.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The distributor may not use the manufacturer`s trade names and/or trademarks without the prior written consent of the manufacturer. Under no circumstances may the distributor use at any time the trade names, trademarks or other protected information of the manufacturer as part of the distributor`s company or trade name. At the end of this Agreement, the distributor shall remove all references to the manufacturer from its letterheads, advertising writings and business premises and shall not subsequently use similar or misleading names or marks that give the impression that there is a relationship between the parties. V. The distributor maintains competent and experienced sales representatives, who are sufficient to serve the territory adequately. VI. AFTER-SALES SERVICE The distributor must have a sufficient stock of products in the territory to allow the filling and sending of orders from current customers, normally shipped from the reseller`s stock. The distributor undertakes to inform the manufacturer when it opens new offices or branches or closes or ceases to operate above one of its offices or branches.

VII. ORDERS/ACCEPTANCE/PRICES AND CONDITIONS 1. All orders from the distributor are subject to approval and final receipt by the manufacturer. The price lists for the distributor are set out in Appendix B (revised from time to time by the manufacturer) and are valid on the date of shipment. . . .