Credit Transfer Agreement Iu

A transfer credit is a course credit from your current university that is transferred as a UI credit when you study here. Use TransferIN if you`re leaving a public college or Indiana university. Credits remain “unsused” until the IU Academic Faculty reviews the detailed programs for each transferred course and notifies its decision to International Admissions. The faculty of the IU will either assimilate the international courses to certain courses taught in its department, or choose to leave the credits “Not distributed”. It is therefore advantageous for students who work in non-U.S. institutions to send detailed programs of all courses completed and being processed with their application file. Initially, most international transfer credits are called “unsusered”. Unsused credits are recognized as regular and valid UI credit hours and may be recognized in the UI`s financial statements. The IU school, where you will eventually graduate, is responsible for determining how the unsused credits apply to certain graduation requirements for the degree. However, a school may choose not to leave some or all of the credits distributed. If you move from another IU campus to Fort Wayne UI, the credit you earned on that campus will be automatically displayed in your Fort Wayne UI academic record. It is verified by an academic advisor at Fort Wayne IU for application to a Fort Wayne IU degree program.

IU Fort Wayne is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and awards credits for courses taken at a university or university accredited by a regional accreditation organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Non-U.S. Institutions: For more information on transferring credits from non-U.S. institutions, please review our policies or contact International Admissions at or (812) 855-9086. << Up ______ as the course work, which you have already proven to which South Bend IU is transferred. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education created the Core Transfer Library (CTL) to support Indiana students who are considering moving from one Indiana public institution to another. This is a list of general education courses and their equivalents in each institution.