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Comments on gentrification and race made on Facebook were reviewed by the University`s Office of Employment Equity, which found that contributions were not protected by the First Amendment and were also contrary to the university`s policy on discrimination and harassment. After hearing from the National AAUP and Rutger`s AAUP/AFT chapter, Rutger President Robert Barchi said the government would reconsider its findings and bring together an advisory group of first Amendment and university researchers and lawyers. Send a year-end report to the TPUSA HQ (the form will be sent to chapter leaders) Although TPUSA was founded by Charlie Kirk, the Turning Point chapter is not directly related to the Falkirk Center, Kelchner said. Liberty`s TPUSA chapter began the semester with its first meeting on Thursday, January 30, when management announced the casting of the speakers who will bring them to campus. The publication of donor contracts signed by George Mason University with the Charles Koch Foundation and other benefactors revealed provisions for donors to participate in faculty and curriculum decisions. Rudy Fichtenbaum, President of the AAUP, expressed particular concern about inappropriate influence in faculty recruitment and the problem of “promoting a political agenda” by focusing on the principles of the free market. A full-time TPUSA employee is available when you begin your chapter, recruit new members and organize activism events. Fill out the form below to start a chapter on your campus. Over the past six months, they have organized interactive lectures on the history of the 2nd Amendment, the organization of political activist and conservative television personality Cabot Phillips, and NRA University. The proposed amendments, if approved by the regents, would contribute to a long road to removing the UNL from the AAUP`s censorship list, said Julia Schleck, associate English professor and member of the Nebraska chapter of the AAUP. The AAUP has published a copy of a confidentiality agreement that appears to be a condition of the employment of Purdue Global staff, including teachers.