Capital One Mastercard Cardholder Agreement

To learn more about the terms of the SaksFirst Credit account, click here to download the cardholder`s agreement (valid from August 1, 2019). Additional interest-free time: You will receive an additional interest-free period of at least 21 days in the event of new acquisitions if you pay your new regular balance in full until the payment due date. A table of examples of interest charges for a 30-day billing period. Minimum payment: if you are in a place other than the province of Quebec, your minimum payment required is higher: (i) the sum of (a) 1% of your new total balance (excluding balance on a specific payment schedule), (b) all interest charges you have and (c) any monthly payment due under a specific payment plan is rounded to the next dollar, plus an amount that is abnormal; or (ii) $10 plus an amount owed; or (iii) a balance above your credit limit. If your new total balance is less than $10, the minimum payment is the new total balance. Billing cycle/billing period: The length of each billing period for which a tally can be made available varies. It is usually between 28 and 31 days.