Canadian Tire Vendor Agreement

Web Site Accommodation Service Agreement Update April, 2015 The following contract is between Softext Publishing Inc. (SOFTEXT) of 954 1st Ave West, Owen Sound ON, Canada and you (customer). CONSIDERING, SOFTEXT 76 Supplier/Vendor Compliance Programs Fine Process and Dispute Process Canadian Tire reviews all fines before they are processed, and ensures that validity is based on available information. We will notify you of any violations and incriminate your account accordingly. Fines are regularly levied. The Fine Notification provides fine amounts, late POs, associated Canadian tire product numbers and fine type. The two fine types are RPA and Receipt. As described above, an RPA penalty is imposed if you submit an RPP late. You will receive penalties for date changes initiated by the lender, quantity changes, short deliveries, missed withdrawals and late withdrawals. As all fines are considered valid, it is up to the seller to provide details and supporting their claims in a fine case. All complaints must be addressed to the supplier`s performance team within 6 months of notification of the fine. After 6 months, the fine in question is deemed to have been concluded.

You can confirm the validity of a late Fine RPA by checking the RPA time stamp in WebForms. If you would like help finding this information in WebForms, please contact SPS Commerce under or short Shipment Disputes In the event of a short delivery, Canadian Tire will send you a credit diversion form. If you wish to challenge the discrepancy, you have 10 days from the date the form is faxed to provide proof of delivery or proof of withdrawal. If you provide the evidence (p.B. signed BOL), a representative of Canadian Tire DC will review the defect, and Canadian Tire will decide whether the discrepancy is valid. If you do not provide reasonable evidence, Canadian Tire believes the deviation is correct and you have no other International Carrier Compliance remedies In order to minimize the negative operating impact on your shipping service, Canadian Tires International Transport Department has implemented a carrier compliance program to monitor carrier service. If a carrier arrives late or misses an expected pickup date that Canadian Tire has communicated to you, you can contact the International Transportation Service for details of the carrier`s non-compliance.