Ash Disposal Agreement

The Oak Grove Management Co. LLC unit of Energy Future Holdings and Headwaters Resources Inc. (HRI) is on its way to a hearing on September 17 following an application by Oak Grove to its insolvency court for a coal ash removal operation at the Oak Grove, Texas generating station. The test protocol also recognizes that residual waste (soil and flight ash) generated by DYEC is disposed of in licensed landfills located within or outside the province of Ontario, in accordance with the above rules, the ACE and applicable local requirements established by the place of receipt. The Ash Disposal Agreement means that certain Ash Disposal Agreements of March 1, 1998, amended by and between Bay Shore as Seller and Oxbow as Buyer, relate to the provision of ash disposal services by Oxbow for ash produced by Bay Shore at the production plant. The operator, as the owner`s representative and at the owner`s expense, shall ensure the handling and proper preparation for disposal of all waste generated by the Cogen facility, with the exception of waste disposed of in accordance with the terms of the boiler ash disposal contract (if any), provided that the owner is responsible for selecting the location for the disposal of all hazardous substances produced by the facility. It is that all hazardous substances produced by the Cogen facility be disposed of and that all hazardous substances produced by the Cogen facility be signed and forms of maritime transport as a generator of such waste. With a view to developing a comprehensive solution to various disputes under this Agreement and to enable the Parties to continue the adoption of the Agreement as amended and adapted by the amended Agreement, the Parties have conducted non-settlement negotiations and negotiated a provision. The provision provides for the resumption of the agreement by Oak Grove, as amended and adapted by the amended agreement, the settlement of claims and the reciprocal sharing of various claims. Energy Future and related companies have been protected under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware since April 2014. In different places where companies are moving towards reorganization, they decide which contracts and other forms of agreements they want to keep after bankruptcy and which they want to refuse as too financially damaging for the reorganized company. Addendum of 21 April 1989 to the ASH DISPOSAL AGREEMENT, Welsh Power Plant, Cason, Texas of 28 January 1977 between Southwestern Power Company and Gifford-Hill & Company, Inc.

BSPC will assign the contracts adopted, which are not accepted FG contracts, including the Pet Coke Supply Agreement, steam supply, Facilities and PetCoke Handling Agreement, Ash Disposal Agreement, Post Commercial PetCoke Disposal Agreement and various other performance contracts related to the operation of the Bay Shore facilities. The Ash Sampling and Testing Protocol describes the methodology used to safely handle, sample, test and dispose of soil and flight ash produced by the Durham York Energy Centre (DYEC). . . .

Apex Housing Tenancy Agreement

We must also do this to fulfill our contract with you. In our own legitimate interest, we must also retain information to process requests or disputes and for audit purposes. Under all legal licensing systems that apply to the property, we may be required to provide the local housing authority with information about your reference to the property. Similarly, there are different regulatory requirements that may mean that we need to disclose information about you to public or local authorities or other supervisory authorities. References to a tenant in this communication also contain a guarantor if there is one. Potential tenants and all adult residents who will live in the dwelling must be screened. Parking is never guaranteed.